Bonaventure Senior Living: Memory Care Advantages

Bonaventure Senior Living operates high-quality retirement, assisted living and memory care communities. The latter distinguishes itself in that it provides care specifically for those seniors who require significant assistance to perform day-to-day activities owing to complications of Alzheimer’s disease or other sources of memory loss.

A common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease often begins with mild memory loss and escalates to the point where patients fail to recognize loved ones they’ve known for decades. Caring for an individual in the later stages of the disease often represents an intense challenge, one that memory care communities can help with.

Memory care first and foremost furnishes a safe residential space where those with Alzheimer’s receive the specialized support they need from trained experts. As the disease progresses, residents require more assistance with their daily activities, assistance that memory caregivers can offer whenever they need it. The support services furnished by caregivers covers the basics such as bathing, medication management, and dressing – but also includes mental and social stimulation to help provide for an environment where seniors can continue to live with dignity.


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