Bonaventure Senior Living – When to Seek Residential Memory Care

Through its multiple locations across the American Northwest, Bonaventure Senior Living offers safe and life-affirming residences for seniors with memory concerns. Bonaventure Senior Living keeps these individuals secure while providing a homelike atmosphere that encourages them to stay active.

For families whose loved ones struggle with age-related memory loss, deciding on living arrangements can be painful. Many of these individuals prefer to live alone, yet cannot do so safely. At that point, it typically falls on the family to decide where he or she should live. Fortunately, there are certain specific questions that can help the family make the best decision.

Families should first consider whether their loved one is in immediate danger. Seniors with memory trouble may leave the stove on, get lost in their own neighborhoods, or forget to take essential medications. If this is the case, long-term care and, in particular, memory care becomes a life-saving decision. In addition, those with memory difficulties may find it increasingly difficult to perform basic self-care, thus increasing the burden on caregivers.

Caregivers may also find themselves the target of suspicion and feelings of being threatened, which can be a side effect of memory loss. Seniors who experience these feelings may resist the care of others, which puts them in danger at home. Fortunately, memory care communities such as Bonaventure Senior Living offer professional, trained staff who know how to handle these and other issues of memory loss.