Continuing Care Retirement Communities: A Good Option for Seniors

As adults age, many find themselves desiring a simpler lifestyle, acknowledging that they may someday need help with daily tasks or specialized medical care. For those people, exploring the benefits of continuing care retirement communities such as Bonaventure Senior Living may be an excellent option.

Bonaventure Senior Living manages several senior communities in the western United States and provides varied care levels, from retirement living to memory care. As a result, Bonaventure caters to a wide range of residents, including active seniors who enjoy living in a safe community with a full slate of social activities, and also those who need highly specialized care. In both scenarios, residents typically pay only one monthly fee, which covers housing, meals, entertainment, any required special programs, and more.

In moving to a community with several levels of care available, seniors can feel comfortable knowing that additional support and resources are ready should the need arise. In addition, continuing care communities are a good option for couples where one person needs more care than the other: At Bonaventure Senior Living, each spouse receives the appropriate level of care while maintaining togetherness and bonding.


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