Bonaventure Senior Living – When to Seek Residential Memory Care

Through its multiple locations across the American Northwest, Bonaventure Senior Living offers safe and life-affirming residences for seniors with memory concerns. Bonaventure Senior Living keeps these individuals secure while providing a homelike atmosphere that encourages them to stay active.

For families whose loved ones struggle with age-related memory loss, deciding on living arrangements can be painful. Many of these individuals prefer to live alone, yet cannot do so safely. At that point, it typically falls on the family to decide where he or she should live. Fortunately, there are certain specific questions that can help the family make the best decision.

Families should first consider whether their loved one is in immediate danger. Seniors with memory trouble may leave the stove on, get lost in their own neighborhoods, or forget to take essential medications. If this is the case, long-term care and, in particular, memory care becomes a life-saving decision. In addition, those with memory difficulties may find it increasingly difficult to perform basic self-care, thus increasing the burden on caregivers.

Caregivers may also find themselves the target of suspicion and feelings of being threatened, which can be a side effect of memory loss. Seniors who experience these feelings may resist the care of others, which puts them in danger at home. Fortunately, memory care communities such as Bonaventure Senior Living offer professional, trained staff who know how to handle these and other issues of memory loss.


Bonaventure Senior Living: Memory Care Advantages

Bonaventure Senior Living operates high-quality retirement, assisted living and memory care communities. The latter distinguishes itself in that it provides care specifically for those seniors who require significant assistance to perform day-to-day activities owing to complications of Alzheimer’s disease or other sources of memory loss.

A common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease often begins with mild memory loss and escalates to the point where patients fail to recognize loved ones they’ve known for decades. Caring for an individual in the later stages of the disease often represents an intense challenge, one that memory care communities can help with.

Memory care first and foremost furnishes a safe residential space where those with Alzheimer’s receive the specialized support they need from trained experts. As the disease progresses, residents require more assistance with their daily activities, assistance that memory caregivers can offer whenever they need it. The support services furnished by caregivers covers the basics such as bathing, medication management, and dressing – but also includes mental and social stimulation to help provide for an environment where seniors can continue to live with dignity.

Bonaventure Senior Living: How Memory Care Helps People with Alzheimer’s

With more than 4 million Americans affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, chances are you know someone struggling with memory loss. For many of these people, memory care at a senior community such as Bonaventure Senior Living is a good way to keep their independence and dignity while receiving the care they need.

Memory care is a long-term care option for people whose progressive memory loss makes living alone unsafe. At Bonaventure Senior Living, residents live in a private or semiprivate apartment that feels like home because it is decorated with their own belongings. Regular activities and classes help residents cope with their progressive memory loss, and the well-manicured, secure grounds provide a safe environment in which they can enjoy the outdoors and remain as independent as possible.

The goal is to keep Alzheimer’s residents active and encourage interaction with their environment. This is important to allow them to live with their ailment in an independent and dignified way.

Retirement Perfected

Residents at Bonaventure Senior Living retirement communities benefit from the company’s guiding philosophy of always doing the right thing, a simple idea that ensures seniors enjoy dignity, choice, and independence. In fact, Bonaventure Senior Living offers its residents the opportunity to maintain their freedom in a comfortable, lively environment with a range of new experiences and just the right amount of compassionate help and support.

Retirement living at Bonaventure is the most versatile lifestyle choice for residents who need a little assistance with daily tasks such as housekeeping or medication. Residents enjoy the social aspects of a community with the freedom and independence of a private apartment. Residents benefit from delicious, home-style meals, plenty of interesting and fun events, weekly housekeeping, and convenient transportation.

Bonaventure also offers a range of alternatives in a continuing care community, which allows seniors to remain in one familiar location as their needs change. For residents who require a bit more assistance, Bonaventure’s assisted living communities are a good option, as residents benefit from help with bathing, dressing, and other tasks associated with daily living. Additional, more advanced care plans include 24-hour nursing care, memory care, and hospice care.

Headquartered at 3220 State Street in Salem, Oregon, Bonaventure Senior Living consists of a number of retirement communities throughout Oregon and Washington. Communities are also located in Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and Montana. Staff members are on hand to provide more information at (503) 566-5715.